50 shades of still not interested.


At night you are plagued by images of his face
You swear that you will never be the same again
That the loss is too great and that there is a lonely place
Where his name used to buzz in your head

But you will see, eventually the hum will dull
with all the holes that he poked you leaked affection
and so empty became the vessel that was once so full
What is left now, that you’ve unknowingly sweated out the infection?

Every rope tightened around the deck for the momentous pull
The beautiful echoing sounds of your hollow hull

You can’t recall his name in the instant that you used to before
Just like with me, I may have once carried the memory
of your distant voice to each apartment floor
But these days, it simply doesn’t haunt me the same way anymore

So believe me when I say,
Darling, it’s going to be ok.
Just keep holding out for a better day.


contrasting folks.