Can I have Jeff now please?


you find someone
so beautiful,
so hurt
that you can’t figure out
if one is the reason
for the other.
All you know
is that you wish
you could hurt instead;
take all their pain
and make it
your own.
And so
you make yourself
just to be a little


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I am practicing being kind instead of right. Matthew Quick, Silver Linings Playbook (via larmoyante)

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Andrew McIntosh of Skid Nevely & Buffalo & Back. Please, marry me.- Stacy B
Some people live life, others are only able to suffer it. There are no allen keys for human beings; no one size fit all remedy. What makes one strong makes another weak. Save a special place in your heart for those that are easily broken and don’t ever let anyone tell you that showing compassion is weakness. Showing compassion is the bravest and strongest thing a human being can do. (via prisonofself)

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Jeff performing for 95.1’s total local 600th radio show live in Trinidad with violinist Amanda Manmohan.
We are born, incarcerated to this foreign land, prison of flesh and bone. And when we die, we go no where new, we simply go back home. (via prisonofself)

Anonymous: Do you have a link to the videos of the songs you've written?


If you look up “buffalo and back” on youtube you can find them. I’m not really proud or fond of them though.